Fitting Guide – Finding the right Size

You found a frame shape you like and a color you love.  But as you browse online you’re not sure if the frame you want is going to be sized correctly for your face – is it too large your face?  Too small?  Or just right?  Here is a tip to make it a lot easier to get the right size frame when shopping for eyewear online.

Already wear sunglasses, eyeglasses or reading glasses?  Most frames have their size specifications printed right on them.  Look inside the temples / side arms to find the size specifications for the frame you are currently wearing.  Typically it looks something like this:  50 □ 20 -147.  

  • The first number (50) refers to the width of the lens at the widest part. This is commonly described as the “eye size”.  In this example the lens is 50 millimeters wide.
  • The second number (20) refers to the width of the nosebridge – this is the part of the frame that sits between the lenses and crosses over your nose. In this example the nosebridge is 20 millimeters wide.
  • The last number (147) refers to the length of the temples – the side arms that go back around your ears. In this example the temples measure 147 millimeters long.

Now refer to these measurement numbers as a benchmark to help you select the frames online with similar measurements, especially note the first two numbers for Eye Size and Bridge.  Employing this simple trick will help you to shop online with confidence for eyewear that will be sized correctly for your face.

After discovering the right frame size, we can help you to find the right frame shape for your face, and how to determine the right lens materials and lens treatments.