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Choosing the right tool for the right job helps to achieve the best result no matter what you’re doing. In this case, choosing the right lens material for your custom-made prescription will provide clear vision in beautifully crafted eyewear.

We specify CR-39 – an optical resin material – as our standard lens material for custom prescription eyewear because CR-39 lenses feature a uniquely positive combination of crystal clear optics, light weight for comfort, and durable scratch-resistance. The properties inherent in this lens material make it ideal for power correction between +2.00 to -2.00 (Sphere), the range where most prescriptions fall within.

For those who have stronger power correction needs you already know that stronger power correction translates to thicker lenses. In order to minimize the thickness and weight of your custom-made prescription eyewear, we have a couple of options available to you:

Trivex – thin, lightweight and impact-resistant. Trivex lenses are produced from a monomer that features excellent optical acuity in a lens that will be thinner and lighter than CR-39. Trivex is also impact-resistant which is a very important consideration for active lifestyles.  Trivex is a great lens material for power corrections up to +/-4.00 (Sphere).

High Index – thinnest and lightest. For the strongest power correction needs, we offer High Index lenses which are engineered to achieve all of the power correction you require in our thinnest and lightest lens material.  High Index lenses are highly recommended for power corrections beyond +/-4.00 (Sphere).

All of our top quality lens materials can be customized with premium lens treatments - such as Anti-Blue Light - that are applied in-house at our state-of-the-art lab in Southern California.