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So your eyes are generally pretty good but you find yourself needing reading glasses to focus up close.  But you hate having to put them on and take them off so frequently? Or remembering where you put them. And you're not quite ready to emulate your grandparents by wearing them at the tip of your nose all day. If this sounds like you, you might want to consider progressive reading glasses.

Like progressive prescription glasses, also known as no-line bifocals, progressive readers are specially designed to provide different vision correction at different parts of the lens. With progressive readers, the reading magnification is at the bottom of the lens so your eyes can easily focus up close to read your phone, your laptop or just the menu. The top of the progressive reader lens has no power correction so your eyes can focus clearly into the distance without having to take your reading glasses off - for example, when you're reading your iPad while watching TV (because we're all multi-screeners now) … or glancing up from the computer to see who is walking into your office. And if you're seeking an extra layer of protection from the blue light emitted from your devices, consider our Anti-Blue Light treatments.

The Progressive reader by Lens & Frame Co is an excellent hybrid solution for when you want the flexibility of being able to move your focus seamlessly between near-vision tasks and on points farther away.  Check out our collection of handmade readers and take advantage of our risk-free returns to try them in the comfort of your own home, office, or studio.

Have a question about the progressive reading glasses?  Click this link to send us a question. We're quick to respond and we're happy to help in any way we can.

If you spend most of your day staring at your computer monitor and find it difficult to focus clearly and comfortably, click here to learn about how prescription computer progressive glasses bring your middle-distance into focus and can reduce headaches, neck and shoulder fatigue caused by long-term squinting or leaning your head forward or backward while working on your computer.