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  • Have a pair of favorite glasses or prescription sunglasses that you love but can't see out of anymore?

    Give your favorite frames a second life with brand new lenses by L&F. Send us your prescription, we'll send you label to ship us your old frames, and then we'll get those old frames fitted with lenses that will change the way you see your world.



  • Measure Your Pupillary Distance (PD)

    Your pupillary distance, commonly referred to as your PD, is the distance between your pupils. To get your prescription right, we need to know your PD. You can use L&F's PD measurement tool to get this information. Just enter your name and email below so we can email your PD and then you can get started.

    PD – What is it? And why we need it.

    PD stands for Pupillary Distance. As the name suggests, it is the measurement in millimeters between your pupils. This measurement allows us to align your pupils accurately with your vision correction in the lenses we are mounting in your frames. When your pupils are lined up with the center of the power correction, your eyes will focus easily, comfortably, and with crystal clear clarity. However, if your lenses are not aligned with your pupils, it can cause eyestrain and discomfort as a result of your eye muscles having to work harder to adjust your focus.

    Your PD is required data for your custom prescription lens order – along with a copy of your doctor’s Rx Script (also known as your “vision numbers”).

    On the other hand, your PD is not required when you purchase a pair of ready-to-wear reading glasses; however, we will customize your reading glasses to fit your personal measurements if you provide us with your PD measurement. Doing so will enhance your visual acuity and comfort.

    Don’t have your PD? No problem! Click here to use our digital tool to measure your PD online with a quick “selfie photo”. All you need is a camera-enabled smartphone or computer, a magnetic stripe card such as a driver’s license or a credit card, and some decent lighting so your camera can clearly see your pupils. It takes just one or two minutes to accurately measure your PD and provide us with the necessary data we need in order to craft the highest quality eyewear for your vision needs.  By the way, rest assured that we do not see your "selfie photo" nor do we use it for any purpose besides measuring the distance between your pupils.