Insurance Coverage - FAQ

How to use your Vision Insurance benefits -  or your FSA / HSA dollars – when purchasing Reading Glasses and/or Prescription Glasses.

You have a vision plan.  You want to buy prescription glasses or reading glasses from Lens & Frame Co.  What do you do?

Good news!  Here are the simple steps to follow to take advantage of your vision plan benefits when buying prescription glasses or reading glasses online:

Contact your insurance provider and confirm the value of your out-of-network benefit for purchasing prescription glasses or reading glasses. After you have received your prescription glasses and/or reading glasses, submit the invoice to your insurance provider for reimbursement according to the benefits they provide.

Vision correction is a cost that is covered by Flexible Saving Accounts and Health Saving Accounts – this means your FSA/HSA covers both (1) prescription glasses (based on a doctor’s rx script), and (2) reading glasses (that do not require a doctor’s script) .  So if you have an FSA or HSA that is tied to a major credit/debit card, the process is much simpler as you do not need to invest time with the insurance provider asking for reimbursements.