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  • Progressive glasses, also known as progressive lenses or no-line bifocals, are fitted with a type of eyeglass lens that provides a gradual change in lens power from top to bottom which allows you to see clearly into the distance and focus clearly up close without the visible line you see in traditional bifocals that separate the two different power corrections.

    Who needs progressive glasses?

    Progressive glasses are typically prescribed to individuals who have difficulty seeing both near and far. This condition is known as presbyopia and it usually occurs as people age. Presbyopia is a natural part of the aging process and typically begins to develop around the age of 40. If you find yourself holding things further away to read or switching glasses frequently, you may be a candidate for progressive glasses.

    Benefits of wearing progressive glasses

    Progressive glasses offer many benefits over traditional bifocals. One of the main benefits is that they provide a natural and seamless transition between distance and near vision. This eliminates a phenomenon known as "vision jump" which used to occur with traditional bifocals when your eyes would "jump" from distance viewing into near vision magnification - which could be rather jarring and frustrating.  Additionally, progressive glasses do not have the visible line that is present in traditional bifocals separating the two different powers. This means that you can wear them in any situation and nobody needs to know that you are wearing lenses that help you see far away and focus clearly up close.

    Lastly, progressive glasses can also be made with a variety of lens materials and coatings, such as polarized, scratch-resistant, and anti-glare coatings. This means that they can be customized to suit your individual needs and lifestyle.

    Experience a paradigm shift with Extended Vision™ Reading Glasses

    If you wear reading glasses or progressive lenses to help you to focus up close, then you'll love our specialty Extended Vision™ Reading Glasses that feature a unique progressive lens design engineered for the most comfortable and clearest view for your near-vision (18 to 24 inches) and middle-distance zones (up to about 6 feet).  Extended Vision readers are changing the way we see our work - and our workplace.  With an exceptionally expansive peripheral field of view, these glasses enable you to focus with precision on not just one, but two or three computer monitors simultaneously. Seamlessly transition from your phone or reading a document to lifting your gaze to engage with colleagues or immerse yourself in a dynamic slide presentation during conference room meetings.  And you don't need a prescription to order these unique Extended Vision readers, although they may be customized to your specific power correction if you have a vision prescription.

    We invite you to browse our collection of handmade progressive glasses and specialty Extended Vision™ Reading Glasses.

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