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  • Have a pair of favorite glasses or prescription sunglasses that you love but can't see out of anymore?

    Give your favorite frames a second life with brand new lenses by L&F. Send us your prescription, we'll send you label to ship us your old frames, and then we'll get those old frames fitted with lenses that will change the way you see your world.



  • Reading glasses have been around for 400 years.  Not much has improved over the centuries... they function the same way they always have:  to sharpen your focus when you need some help seeing clearly up close.  Which is great if your focus remains glued to an object that is within about two feet from your eyes - perhaps a book or your phone. 

    But standard reading glasses won't focus clearly beyond your fingertips. And there's a lot to see beyond the reach of your outstretched arms. So the good folks at Lens & Frame Co. are pleased to introduce an innovative approach to reading glasses.  Introducing Extended Vision™ reading glasses exclusively available from L&F.  

    As the name suggests, our collection of Extended Vision reading glasses function just like normal reading glasses for crisp and clear vision up close, and they extend your sharp focus up to six feet.  You'll want to keep a pair of EV readers at your work station to help you view your computer screen comfortably and clearly, glance down to text on your phone, and sift through all of your papers scattered across your desk.  Say goodbye to pains in your neck, shoulder, and back because you'll be seeing clearly - and effortlessly - no matter where your eyes look.  No more leaning into your computer screen or craning your neck back when you pick up your phone.  

    Each pair of Extended Vision lenses is custom-made and digitally surfaced to your personal measurements and include premium anti-reflection coatings and protection from harmful blue light and UV rays.  And they are covered by L&F's one year scratch warranty which means that we'll replace your scratched lenses one time for free within the first year.

    Just like normal reading glasses, you don't need a prescription to order Extended Vision Reading Glasses.  Simply select the magnification power that you use to see clearly up close in your normal reading glasses.  Our specialty lens design will compute the multi-focal adjustments that will result in comfortable and clear vision up to six feet. 

    Do you wear Rx lenses?  No problem!  We can customize your Extended Vision based on the specific vision numbers of your everyday Rx script.

    Now you can get L&F Extended Vision reading lenses in a variety of frame collections including styles handmade in Chicago by STATE Optical, frames that are handmade for today by RAEN, and in our own L&F collection of eco-friendly handmade acetate styles. 

    Learn more about how Extended Vision™ Reading glasses help you see up close and nearby or click this link to send us a question. We're quick to respond and we're happy to help in any way we can.

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