Anti-Blue Light Lenses – Protection from computer screens

Have your eyes ever felt tired after staring at a digital screen for hours at a time?  You are not alone!  Studies have suggested a connection between the blue light emitted from our digital screens (computer monitors, tablets and phones) and the digital eye strain that results from viewing them for extended periods of time.  In addition, nighttime exposure to blue light from digital screens has been shown to cause a state of wakefulness that makes it more difficult to relax and fall asleep.

Lenses with blue blocking properties have been shown to reduce the effects of digital eye strain caused by staring at digital screens.  And, wearing these lenses at night helps to prevent the negative effects of wakefulness related to blue light emissions from your screens.

At Lens & Frame Co, our anti-blue light lenses are engineered to reduce the amount of blue light and glare that is emitted from digital screens so that your eyes absorb less of these harmful wavelengths.  Your eyes just feel more relaxed – like how relaxed your eyes feel when you wear a good polarized sun lens to block harmful glare.  People who wear anti-blue light lenses report feeling more relaxed in front of their digital devices and computer monitors, their eyes feel less tired, and they tend to feel less wakeful at night.     

Remember, you can add anti-blue light coating to any of your Lens & Frame Co. reading glasses or prescription glasses