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Do you strain to see your computer screen clearly?  Ever wonder why you're not able to see everything on your desk clearly when you're wearing Rx Progressive lenses?  If you work at a desk all day (or all night), you might want to wear specialty Rx Computer Glasses that are engineered to help you see EVERYTHING on your desk with a clear and comfortable view. 

Today most of us work at a desk with our computer monitor positioned about 24" to 30" away from our eyes, about an arm’s length.  This is your middle-distance zone or intermediate focal distance.  If you wear Rx Progressive lenses or if your Rx script has an "add power", Rx Computer Progressive Glasses are something to consider to bring your office work into focus and make long hours on your computer a lot more comfortable.

If you wear progressive lenses you may find the intermediate zone "sweet spot" between your distance vision correction and your reading magnification is too small to comfortably view your computer monitor for long periods of time. While wearing Rx Progressive lenses, you may find yourself constantly tilting your head up or down to find the small "sweet spot" of your intermediate zone, or you may find yourself leaning forward or backward to view your monitor through either the top or the bottom part of your progressive lenses.  And this can be a pain-in-the-neck (literally!).  

Prescription computer glasses (sometimes called "office lenses") can significantly reduce eye strain, prevent headaches and reduce neck / shoulder back fatigue while working on your computer screen because prescription computer lenses are designed to help you focus effortlessly on everything within about 1.5 meters or about 5-6 feet.  For Rx Progressive lens wearers, Rx Computer Progressive eyeglasses are designed to provide a hybrid solution with a clear view of your computer screen through the top part of your lens and progressively blending to your reading magnification power on the bottom of your lens so you can look down and comfortably focus on any near-vision task such as reading your phone or documents on your desk.  By using the top part of your lens for your intermediate zone, Rx Progressive lenses use the largest part of the lens to give you the most comfortable view for your computer screen.

The best part about Rx Computer Progressive lenses is the extremely smooth transition between distance vision (your computer screen) and near vision (your phone or documents) which creates an extremely wide corridor and huge "sweet spot" with very little visual aberration. 

Keep your computer glasses on your desk or wherever you work on your computer and you will immediately notice how your eyes can focus more clearly on everything that is on your desk - without the strain in your neck and shoulders.  

For added comfort, our L&F prescription computer glasses can be customized to be made with our premium Anti-Blue Light treatment - the blue light blocking filters are embedded within the lens material - so our L&F prescription computer glasses effectively reduce the amount of blue light absorbed by your eyes and minimize symptoms of digital eye strain caused by long-term viewing of digital devices.

Glasses done right can change your world.  Especially when you think about building an eyewear quiver with the right kind of specialty lenses to help you see your world more clearly and perform all of your tasks more comfortably. 

Browse our collection of handmade frames available as prescription computer glasses, select Custom Rx, then choose Rx Computer Progressives and see how prescription computer progressive glasses done right can change how you view your work.

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