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Do you spend hours working on your computer?  Perhaps you work at your desk all day - do you strain to see your phone clearly (quickly responding to text messages), then squint to bring your computer screen back into focus.  And how about those papers scattered on your desk? 

Reading glasses can help to see your phone clearly.  But then your computer screen gets blurry and you can't see the person approaching your desk unless you take them off - or worse - slide them down your nose so you can peer over the top of the frames like how your grandma used to look at you over the top of her reading glasses.

We've developed a specialty multi-focal lens that allows you to see clearly and comfortably while you're working.  These new eyeglasses are custom-made just for you and will produce a seamless, clear view of everything within 6 feet.  That means whatever your eyes are looking at will be in focus:  your phone (up close) to your computer screen (2-3 feet away) and everything on your desk (about 6 feet away).  

These specialty lenses are intended to be worn by anyone who currently wears Rx Progressive or bi-focal lenses with an "ADD Power".  Curious if that's you:  just look at your Rx script and see if there are any numbers under the header title "ADD" or "ADD Power" - or send us an email and ask us.  You'll keep these Rx Computer Progressive eyeglasses on your desk or in your laptop travel bag because once you experience the comfort and clarity of these unique lenses you won't want to work on your computer without them!

You might think of these prescription computer glasses as customized reading glasses with "extended vision".  In other words, these custom-made reading glasses will produce a crystal clear view up close (texting on your phone) -- but they will ALSO extend your vision to help you to see clearly everything that's on your desk, your computer screen, and even be able to look up and see who's walking toward you without having to peer over the top of your frames. 

These are not your grandma's reading glasses.  These are extended vision reading glasses that are customized specifically for your own prescription and your own specific vision numbers.  

If you currently wear Rx Progressive lenses, for a limited time use promo code COMFORT50 to take 50% off your first order of our customized Rx Computer Progressive Glasses.  It’s easy to order online. Browse our collection of frame styles to find your look, click the button to “select lens options & purchase”, then click the button for Custom Rx Glasses, then click for Rx Computer Progressives and follow the prompts to complete your order. Upload a copy of your current Rx script and we’ll take care of the rest to produce the most comfortable view you’ll ever have while working at your desk!

For added comfort, our L&F prescription computer glasses can be customized to be made with our premium Anti-Blue Light treatment - the blue light blocking filters are embedded within the lens material - so our L&F prescription computer glasses effectively reduce the amount of blue light absorbed by your eyes and minimize symptoms of digital eye strain caused by long-term viewing of digital devices.

Glasses done right can change your world.  Especially when you think about building an eyewear quiver with the right kind of specialty lenses to help you see your world more clearly and perform all of your tasks more comfortably.  At L&F, we specialize in premium quality and personalized service. Feel free to reach out and ask us about our specialty Rx Computer Progressive lenses - or any of our other premium prescription lens designs, lens treatments and materials.

Browse our collection of handmade frames available as prescription computer glasses, select Custom Rx, then choose Rx Computer Progressives and see how a pair of specialty, custom-made, prescription computer progressive glasses done right can change how you view your work.