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Lens & Frame Co. founder Darren Rosenberg was recently profiled in CompanyWeek.

"I need to find a balance between traditional face-to-face interaction and the promise of digital advertising. I wake up with a sense of urgency knowing the product can change people's lives and I want to grow our business as fast as possible" 

-Darren Rosenberg

CompanyWeek's Dan Sanchez interviewed Darren about the origins of Lens & Frame Co. 

Owner Darren Rosenberg is disrupting the eyewear market with an innovative way to manufacture and sell prescription glasses and sunglasses directly to consumers.
The idea is not new, but Rosenberg's success so far comes from the company providing a high level of e-commerce customer service and product quality. "Participants in this space are focused on high volume, low price categories," says Rosenberg. "We're focused on lower volume with higher quality materials and personalized service."
Sanchez also took a deep dive into the lens manufacturing process that ensures that Lens & Frame Co. gets the prescriptions just right.

Rosenberg also partnered with a local laboratory to offer high-end lenses. "We offer three materials: CR-39 plastic lenses which are like glass but half the weight, Trivex is a thinner and lighter lens that provides impact resistance, and High Index lenses that are the thinnest, lightest, and recommended for stronger prescriptions.  All of our prescription lenses are digitally surfaced and the coatings and lens treatments are applied in-house to ensure the highest quality. The result is top-tier lenses that start at $145, less than half of what you would pay at an optician for similar quality."

After the company had some success selling branded frames and ready-to-wear reading glasses, customers started asking for replacement lenses for the frames they already owned. "Listening to our customer feedback, we launched a replacement lens program as a way to breathe new life into a favorite frame, from fashion frames to sport sunglasses," says Rosenberg.

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