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  • April 25, 2024

    L&F Unveils Extended Vision™ Reading Glasses Collection

    Made for a Life Lived Clearly

    Los Angeles, CA – Today, Lens & Frame Co., a boutique eyewear brand based in Southern California, announced their latest innovation in vision technology: Extended Vision™ Reading Glasses. As a nimble and forward-thinking company, L&F is revolutionizing the eyewear market, changing the way we see the world—one pair of premium readers at a time.

    Custom-made, Digitally Surfaced Reading Glasses

    In an eyewear market that has until now only offered reading glasses with single-vision or progressive lenses, Extended Vision Reading Glasses – or EV Readers™ as the company prefers to call them – stand out as a superior alternative. Where single-vision lenses are limited to reading, and progressive readers often suffer from a disorienting and narrow field of vision as they transition from up close to distance views, EV Readers are engineered for the best possible view up close, mid-range, and even long distance.

    “These are not your grandfather’s reading glasses” says Darren Rosenberg, co-founder of Lens & Frame Co. “Each of our EV reader lenses is custom-made using the same computer-aided digital designs and in-house coatings we use to produce our premium single-vision and progressive Rx lenses. Yet you don’t need a prescription to order EV Readers.

    ”Co-founder Chandos Erwin adds “For someone who works at a computer all day like me, wearing EV Readers for the first time is a mind-blowing experience. Suddenly, your entire view is in focus – from your phone to your laptop to the presentation on the screen. I wear them all day every day.”

    Because Life Isn’t Lived at a Single Focal Length

    The EV Reader collection offers three distinct types of EV lenses that cater to every aspect of your lifestyle, whether you're at work, home, or on an outdoor adventure. Remarkably, none of these innovative reading glasses require a doctor’s prescription, making each of them a readily accessible option for enhancing your daily life:

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    The EV6 is ideal for people who spend a lot of time at their computers. With a focal range of up to 6 feet, it offers an extremely large sweet spot that brings your entire workspace into sharp focus. Whether you're shifting your gaze from computer screens to your smartphone, or searching for the proverbial needle on your desk, the EV6 ensures everything is seen with unparalleled clarity.


    Tailored for both home and office environments, the EV20 has an extended focal range of up to 20 feet. It allows you to comfortably switch between browsing on your handheld devices, seeing the people you’re with or watching the big screen across the room.


    As the first over-the-counter progressive reader that is custom-made and digitally surfaced for both reading and distance vision, the EVinfinity is designed for outdoor wear. Whether you're driving, cycling, hiking, or fishing, the EVinfinity offers the most comfortable view and seamless transitions, keeping your vision clear and uninterrupted, no matter the activity or distance.


    The Little Company with a Big Impact

    Lens & Frame Co. may be the proverbial “small fish in a big pond,” but their dedication to quality and customer-centric innovation has positioned them as a disruptive force in the eyewear industry. By focusing on a better reading glass experience, they have set a new standard for visual clarity and comfort.

    About Lens & Frame Co.

    Lens & Frame Co. is a boutique eyewear company that believes in creating high-quality, custom-made glasses that cater to the specific needs of their clients. With a commitment to craftsmanship and a personal touch, they provide eyewear solutions that go beyond the conventional.


    Extended Vision Reading Glasses are available now and can be viewed and purchased through the Lens & Frame Co. website at

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