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Over the past few weeks, reporter and Consumer Advocate David Lazarus has been taking on the eyewear industry through a series of articles in the LA Times. Aimed at pulling back the curtain on a business that is dominated by one conglomerate controlling pretty much all of the elements that go into making, prescribing and selling glasses, his main line of inquiry stems from one of the questions that led us to start Lens & Frame Co. in the first place: "Why are eyeglasses so expensive?"

We responded to Lazarus’ question in our blog post – “Why Eyeglasses Don’t Have to Be So Expensive” and also invited him to give Lens & Frame Co. a try. He took us up on our offer, ordering a pair of Sage &3 Progressive Eyeglasses as research for an upcoming LA Times piece on disruptors in the eyewear business. We were thrilled to have L&F simply included in the conversation and look forward to the article. And then we were thoroughly jazzed when we saw Lazarus looking sharp sporting his new frames while answering readers’ questions during this week’s LA Times Facebook Live Chat. Check out some of our favorite bits below. We particularly appreciated Lazarus calling out the “intuitive shopping experience.” Shout out to our design and web team at Hydro Studios!

You can watch the full video of David Lazarus answering eyewear questions on the LA Times Facebook Live Chat. 

We're grateful to David Lazarus for showing his readers that there are alternatives to what most have come to accept as the norm when it comes to buying eyeglasses. It is possible to get something better. Without breaking the bank. Especially if you click here to start shopping for your next pair of eyeglasses.