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  • Have a pair of favorite glasses or prescription sunglasses that you love but can't see out of anymore?

    Give your favorite frames a second life with brand new lenses by L&F. Send us your prescription, we'll send you label to ship us your old frames, and then we'll get those old frames fitted with lenses that will change the way you see your world.



  • For those of us who wear prescription lenses, you have probably accumulated quite a few pairs of prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses over the years!  So many different frame styles and colors to choose from ... and it's easier than ever to switch up your look and to accessorize your frames with your fashion.

    But have you thought about your prescription lenses as specific tools in your toolbox that can help you to see better in specific situations - and more comfortably?  Have you thought about building a quiver of prescription eyewear that is customized and optimized to help you achieve your peak performance when you are doing the myriad different tasks you do all day (and all night)? 

    We like to think about our prescription lenses in the same way a golfer might think about the clubs they carry around the golf course.  Golfers know that they need to reach for the right club to make the right shot - whether they need to achieve distance off the tee, drop the ball onto the green, or sink it in the hole.  Drivers, irons, wedges, putters - each club is designed for a particular distance, lie, or a specific type of shot in order to optimize the golfer's game.

    We recommend thinking about your prescription lenses in the same way:  Distance vision, Near vision, Multi-focal hybrid, or indoors vs outdoors. Here's what we are carrying in our eyewear quiver, when do we use them, and how they help us to see more clearly and more comfortably in all situations.  And when it comes to prescription eyewear, we believe in the old maxim:  Quality is more important than quantity! 

    1. Everyday Rx Progressive Lenses

    If you wear Progressive Lenses (also known as "no-line bifocals"), then you know that Progressive lenses are an amazing hybrid design that allows you to see clearly into the distance through the top part of the lenses and progressively adds magnification to bring your near vision into focus toward the bottom part of the lenses.  Like any hybrid design, progressive lenses are very convenient for driving and walking around - for doing almost anything, really.  We call them "everyday" progressive lenses because we wear these progressive lenses literally every day! 

    2. Extended Vision™ Reading Glasses

    If you wear Rx progressive lenses and spend several hours working on a computer you have likely experienced some difficulty trying to view your computer screen clearly - and you've felt the neck, shoulder and back pains that result from having to keep your head tilted up at just the right angle in order to see through the magnification toward the bottom of your lenses. L&F has created a unique lens design we use in our Extended Vision™ reading glasses which optimizes your middle-distance and near-vision zones.  With this specialty lens design you no longer have to struggle to find your clear vision when transitioning your gaze between computer screen, reading your phone, or identifying any of the items scattered across your desk.

    Extended Vision™ reading lenses are specialty multi-focal lenses that are designed to view your entire workspace clearly and comfortably.  See your computer screen - and up to six feet -  through the top portion of the lens while magnification is added toward the bottom of the lens to sharpen your near vision focus to easily glance down to text on your phone or read.  Unlike "everyday" progressive lenses, Extended Vision reading glasses feature an extremely wide "sweet spot" and seamless viewing experience so everything around your workspace is seen with crystal clear vision from your texting on your phone to the details on your computer screen and beyond up to about 6 feet - no matter where you're looking around your workspace.


    3. Polarized Rx Sunglasses

    Be sure to include a pair of polarized prescription sunglasses - either Single Vision Rx (for distance vision correction) or Progressive Rx (multi-focal lenses that focus your distance vision on top and progressively add magnification toward the bottom to help you read your phone).  Prescription sunglasses - or prescription photochromic lenses that change from clear indoors to dark sun lenses outdoors - are a must in order to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.  And we highly recommend upgrading to polarized prescription sunglasses to eliminate irritating glare, which significantly enhances clarity and comfort.  Polarized lenses used to be considered a "must-have" for sailors and fishermen to reduce glare off the water; but glare is literally everywhere and it has been proven over and over that good polarized lenses produce a clearer and more comfortable view anywhere including: on the road when driving or cycling, on the golf course, and even on the snow!

    Curious how to read the vision numbers in your Rx Script?  Click this link to our article explaining how to read your eyeglass prescription.

    Have a question about the best way to customize your eyewear quiver?  Click this link to send us a question. We're quick to respond and we're happy to help in any way we can.

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