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  • Postcards from the Road: New York City

    Oftentimes fans, friends, and teammates will ask me for my favorite cities to travel to when I'm on the road hard. It's hard for me to make any list without including New York City. One of the things that I mention to folks, though, is to get out of Manhattan, check out the other boroughs.

    Brooklyn is one of my favorites, but the Bronx stands out as my number one, having taken the four train from Grand Central Station to 161st many times over the years to various stops. It's one of my favorite places to spend a little time, grab something to eat, check out a bar or a restaurant, monuments…

    Harlem is also at the top of my list. I recently had a very cool experience checking out the Polo Grounds, which is now the New York City Housing Authority projects. It's interesting to envision what the Polo Grounds stadium might have looked like just a stone's throw away from Yankee Stadium. 

    Lucille's in Harlem is an excellent breakfast/lunch spot with relaxed, easy-going vibes. I've had one of my better meals over the last couple of seasons in New York at Lucille's, as well as good quality coffee. Highly recommend it.