Sandler Summit 2020

Experience the next while seeing clearly and looking great with a new pair of premium handmade eyeglasses from Lens & Frame Co. 

All Sandler Summit attendees will have the opportunity to collect points which can be redeemed to order a pair of reading glasses or custom prescription glasses. For those who are already seeing clearly, non-prescription blue light blocking glasses can also be ordered. 

After the event, you'll get a code which you can use to choose from our collection of handmade acetate and titanium frames featuring 20 different pieces across six different frame styles. You’ll be able to select from 3 different lens options: 

  • Custom prescription eyeglasses with anti-blue light protection 
  • Handmade reading glasses with anti-blue light lenses
  • Blue-light blocking non-prescription computer glasses

If you haven’t updated your prescription recently, now might be the time. You’ll need it to place your order. For now, feel free to browse our collections and pick out your favorite frames in advance.