The &1

The &1™ is a modern classic. Defined by its clean lines and understated design elements and sized to fit nearly every face shape.

The &2

Inspired by the flowing curves of vintage rounded square frame designs, the &2™ is sized for a smaller fit.

The &3

The &3™ frame design makes its statement with strong angles, and the longer endpieces produce a more relaxed fit for larger face shapes.

The &4

The &4™ is a classic round frame shape inspired by classic design elements, and scaled up for a comfortable fit on larger faces.

The &5

With thinner proportions and sized for smaller faces, the subtle feminine cat-eye silhouette is the hallmark of the &5™ frame design.

The &6

Featuring feather-light, hand-polished filigreed titanium temples handcrafted in Japan, the &6™ is a timeless semi-rimless style with a classic lens shape designed to complement nearly any face shape.

Ombraz Classic

The Ombraz Classic features a built-in cord that keeps your frames securely and comfortably in place no matter what you're up to. Available in regular and narrow fit sizes.

Ombraz Dolomite

Ombraz Dolomite is the latest style from the Ombraz crew with frame sizes narrow and larger faces. Now available with prescription lenses by L&F, all Ombraz Armless Sunglasses feature a built-in cord that keeps your frames securely and comfortably in place. 

Ombraz Leggero

Leggero is the latest style in Ombraz' line of armless sunglasses. With an XL option for a larger fit, their built-in cord to keep 'em nice and tight, and custom prescription lenses by L&F, the Ombraz Leggero will have you looking good and seeing clearly in pretty darn near every situation you might find yourself in.

Raen Beal 48

Every pair of Raen handmade sunglasses makes a statement and the Beal’s round eye shape and thin rim height make this frame the perfect blend of fashion and function.  The unique temple design has a flared beveled top, tapering thin toward the temple tip, making fitting a breeze while also adding that subtle design detail that really make these frames stand out.

Raen Eagan

Raen's handmade Eagan sunglasses feature a medium rectangular frame that is perfect for a wide range of face shapes. The Raen Eagan is that happy middle ground where things seemingly just fall into place.  With a handmade, sculpted temple design and rivet hardware detail, the Eagan will quickly become your go-to pair of Rx sunglasses.