The &1

The &1™ is a modern classic. Defined by its clean lines and understated design elements and sized to fit nearly every face shape.

The &2

Inspired by the flowing curves of vintage rounded square frame designs, the &2™ is sized for a smaller fit.
&2 Prescription Sunglasses: Kiwi


&2 Prescription Sunglasses: Matte Black

Matte Black

The &3

The &3™ frame design makes its statement with strong angles, and the longer endpieces produce a more relaxed fit for larger face shapes.
&3 Prescription Sunglasses: Matte Black

Matte Black

&3 Prescription Sunglasses: Sage


The &4

The &4™ is a classic round frame shape inspired by classic design elements, and scaled up for a comfortable fit on larger faces.

The &6

Featuring feather-light, hand-polished filigreed titanium temples handcrafted in Japan, the &6™ is a timeless semi-rimless style with a classic lens shape designed to complement nearly any face shape.
&6 Prescription Sunglasses: Antique Gold

Antique Gold

&6 Prescription Sunglasses: Antique Silver

Antique Silver

Ombraz Classic

The Ombraz Classic features a built-in cord that keeps your frames securely and comfortably in place no matter what you're up to. Available in regular and narrow fit sizes.
Ombraz Classic Prescription Sunglasses: Charcoal


Ombraz Classic Prescription Sunglasses: Matte Brown

Matte Brown