The &1

The &1™ is a modern classic. Defined by its clean lines and understated design elements, the &1 is sized to fit nearly every face shape.


There's something about the &1 that just works. For pretty much everyone.  The handmade acetate frames look and feel fantastic. With a selection of colors that will complement any look, they are our go to pair day after day. The &1 frames can be made as custom Rx glasses, readers, or non-Rx blue light blocking glasses. Or make them even more versatile with photochromic (transition) lenses. 

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Get Out and See

The &1 has quickly become our most popular sunglass style as well. The wider frames give enough coverage to keep out the rays while the clean lines keep you looking stylish. All of our non-Rx sunglasses come with optical quality polarized lenses. And our custom Rx sunglasses can be made with progressive lenses allowing you a full range of vision when you're out and about. 

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&1 Matte Sage

One of our newest colors, the Matte Sage handmade acetate frames just beg to be touched. The olive grey tones are distinctive and distinguishing while the soft brushed finish feels comfy and cozy. Available as reading glasses, custom Rx glasses or non-Rx blue light blocking glasses. 


&1 Blue Denim Fade Sunglasses

There's something about blue sunglasses that just makes us happy. Perhaps it is the memory of a pair we wore decades ago. Or just the fact that they match the color of our surfboard.. We're pretty sure you'll love the blue too. The &1 Blue Denim Fade sunglasses can be made with custom Rx or non-Rx (plano) lenses.



These cellulose acetate sunglasses are strong, lightweight and highly adjustable around the ears so it is easy to bend the temple tips to hook more tightly if a more snug fit is desired or straighten the temple tips to relax the fit.