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Lenses for Reading Glasses


Use the menu above to custom build new lenses for your reading glasses. You can choose Single Vision (standard for most reading glass lenses) or try out Progressives, which feature your reading power on the bottom and no power on the top. Tell us the the power you need for your new lenses. Then select from standard Anti-Reflection lens treatment or choose to reduce digital eye strain with our Anti-Blue Light treatment.  We'll send you a pre-paid mailing label and shipping carton so there's no hassle getting your frames to us.  Our state-of-the-art multi-axis lens edging equipment ensures a precise fit for our lenses to be mounted into your frames and finished by hand before the final product is shipped directly to your doorstep. 

Anti-Reflective Treatment

All of our lenses come with a premium Anti-Reflective treatment that is engineered to enhance the clarity of your view and reduce eye strain caused by harsh bounce-back reflections.

Anti-Blue Light Treatment

Anti-blue light lenses reduce digital eye strain caused by blue light emissions and glare from digital screens.