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RAEN Leue Extended Vision™ Reading Glasses

French Grey
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Savvy and sophisticated, the angular shape of Leue is versatile enough to work on a range of faces.  And when paired with specialty lenses that extend your vision range so you can read things up close on your phone while also seeing clearly what's on your desk and on your screen, the Leue Extended Vision™ Reading Glasses are also equipped with refined features like titanium nose pads for an adjustable bridge. With L&F Extended Vision lenses, everything within a range of 6 feet is in clear focus - no matter where you're looking around your workspace.  

You don't need a doctor's prescription to order L&F Extended Vision reading glasses:  simply select the magnification power you need to see up close and to read clearly.  On the other hand, if you wear prescription lenses, we can make Extended Vision reading lenses that are customized to your Rx Script.

All of our Extended Vision lenses come with premium anti-reflection coatings and blue light filters so they help protect your eyes from digital eye strain and harmful UV rays.  And they are covered by our 1-year scratch warranty.


Frame Measurements: 52 — 18 — 145  Learn how to measure your existing frames to compare

Maximum Frame Width: 139mm 

Vertical Lens Height: 39mm 

Comfortably Fits: Medium to Large Faces - View our Eyeglasses Fitting Guide


Customer Reviews

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Rich Palarea
Ditch the old man look

If you want great-looking glasses that are also functional (you don't have to pull them down your face to look up from a reading task to address someone standing in front of you), the EV is the right tool for the job!