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We've paired our favorite clear lens package for multi-focal Rx progressive eyeglasses featuring built-in protection from harmful blue light & UV rays with the RAEN Eagan medium-sized relaxed rectangular shape.  

L&F's custom prescription progressive lenses are digitally surfaced to help you see clearly into the distance while also helping you to focus up close and finished with premium anti-reflection coatings for the most comfortable and clear view possible. And our lenses come with a 1-year scratch warranty which means that we'll offer a one-time free lens replacement if your lenses become scratched during the first year. 

Made from sustainable cellulose acetate, these frames are lightweight and feature highly adjustable temple tips to make it easy to bend over your ears to either tighten or loosen the frame fit as needed.

Frame Measurements: 50 — 20 — 145  Learn how to measure your existing frames to compare

Maximum Frame Width: 134mm 

Vertical Lens Height: 36mm 

Comfortably Fits: Small to Medium Faces - View our Eyeglasses Fitting Guide

Customer Reviews

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Zak Kosher
Life Changing!! (Sounds excessive I know.. just read it)

I bought a pair of Eagans and had the L&F Co. team load my perscription in (Side note: the process of transferring your prescription over, was 10x easier than I thought, I had my doubts). Rewind a bit, I have an extremely strong prescription and have been wearing glasses/contacts since I was 5 years old. Every pair of eyeglasses that I've ever owned to date have had thick, glass coke-bottle like lenses, and look absolutely ridiculous. Because of that, I never wear my glasses out of the house and feel self-conscious about wearing them even around my housemates. Glasses have always been a thing I put on right before bed. Fast-forward to buying these bad boys, I look SLICKKK. I now take my contacts off after a long day at the computer and rock these with confidence. Darren and the L&F Co. team somehow took my gnarly perscription and jammed them into these sleek and slim frames, no more coke-bottle effect. The quality of customer service here is literally one in a million, unlike anything I've ever seen. Thanks, L&F Co. team!!

FANTASTIC! So glad to hear the High Index 1.67 lenses produced alight and thin result that could restore your confidence in wearing glasses. We aim for a higher level of quality with personalized service... thrilled to hear we delivered for you on both fronts, Zak! Thanks for trusting us with your vision.

Dennis Fioretti
Fioretti response

Glasses didn't fit me but my wife loves them. Even with the video sizing. I have a big head! Thanks for the great product.

Brett Greenstein

You guys are so kind, and it's so easy to place the order! Thank you for all your help!


Also known as ‘no-line bifocals’, Rx Progressive lenses help you to see clearly into the distance … and up close. As you age your eyes tend to lose the ability to focus up close. If you wear reading glasses, then you already have an “ADD Power” (the magnification power required to help you focus up close). Check your doctor’s prescription to see if you have an “ADD Power” – usually listed on your Rx Script after Sphere / Cylinder / Axis … then ADD. If you don’t have an ADD Power indicated on your doctor’s prescription, then you don’t need Rx Progressive lenses.


All of our prescription lenses come standard with premium Anti-Reflection coatings engineered to enhance clarity and comfort while boosting oleophobic and hydrophobic properties to keep your lenses cleaner longer. 


Our clear Rx eyeglass lenses come with built in protection against harmful blue Light and UV rays. No need to pay any upgrade fees because it’s already part of your lens package when you select INDOOR Lenses or INDOOR/OUTDOOR Lenses.


When you select INDOOR/OUTDOOR Lenses you’ll be wearing the latest generation of light-changing photochromic lenses (also known as ‘transitions’). Our INDOOR/OUTDOOR lenses are clear indoors and turn into polarized sunglasses outdoors. Compared to previous generations of photochromic technology, your lenses will turn darker, faster, and become polarized as they darken to eliminate irritating glare and reveal a clear and squint-free view. Currently our INDOOR/OUTDOOR lenses are only available in an option that turns from clear to Grey tint. 

Exclusive Lens Technology


All our eyeglasses and sunglasses are covered by L&F's one year scratch warranty which means that we'll replace your scratched lenses one time for free within the first year.

Custom Made Lenses


Our lenses can be made to work with any power correction. If your prescription requires a strong vision correction, generally indicated with numbers that are larger than +/-4.00, then you may benefit from selecting High Index 1.67 lenses. These are specialty lenses that can be produced very thin, even with strong powers. Thin means light weight. And lightweight means long-term comfort so you can enjoy wearing your eyeglasses all day long.


We use sustainable, eco-friendly cellulose acetate for all of our frames (except those that are made of titanium). Cellulose acetate is widely used for premium optical frames because of the unlimited colors and patterns that can be produced, and because it is highly adjustable in order to personalize the frame fit to your head shape. Need to tighten the frame to stop it from sliding down your nose, no problem: gently bend the temple tips to hook more tightly around your ears. Feeling a little pinch behind your ears, no problem: gently straighten the temple tips to relax the frame fit.

Exclusive Lens Technology

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We understand the very personal nature of finding the right eyewear that reflects your unique sense of style and comfortably fits the size and contours of your face. That’s why we invite you to take advantage of our free shipping – and free returns – so you can shop online stress-free*. Enjoy no-risk try-ons at home for our premium reading glasses and custom prescription glasses. If you don’t love them, click here to contact us to initiate a return label anytime within 30 days of the date you received them. In order to be eligible for a refund, please return your glasses in the original packaging and in the same “as new” condition as was shipped to you. If you paid for expedited overnight shipping on your original order, please understand that these shipping costs will not be refunded to you.