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Enjoy the weightless comfort of Ombraz armless eyewear at your desk - or wherever your workspace is located - with Extended Vision™ Reading Glasses exclusively by L&F.  The timeless teardrop design inspired by the classic aviator shape creates a universal fit - and the Narrow fit is comfortably sized for smaller faces or anyone who prefers a narrower fit.

Extended Vision™ Reading Glasses are powered by L&F's digitally surfaced, multi-focal reading lenses that produce a crystal clear view of everything up close while extending your clear vision up to a range of about 6 feet.  We recommend wearing Extended Vision Reading Glasses at your desk for a more comfortable view of your computer screen, while also being able to glance down at your phone to text or read, and to see clearly everything on your desk and around your workspace.   You'll want to keep a pair of Extended Vision readers on your desk, and another pair on your nightstand to make reading in bed or browsing on your devices even easier and more comfortable than ever before.

Just like reading glasses, you don't need a doctor's prescription to order Extended Vision reading glasses:  simply select the magnification power you need to see up close and to read clearly and we'll produce your specialty lenses to extend your vision.  On the other hand, if you wear prescription lenses, click the button to select "Custom Rx Lenses" and we can make Extended Vision reading lenses that are customized to your Rx Script.

All of our Extended Vision lenses are covered by our 1-year scratch warranty, and come with premium anti-reflection coatings and blue light filters so they help protect your eyes from digital eye strain and harmful UV rays.   

NARROW FIT Frame Measurements: 55 — 14  Learn how to measure your existing frames to compare

Maximum Frame Width: 130mm 

Vertical Lens Height: 47mm 

Comfortably Fits: Small to Medium Faces — View our Eyeglasses Fitting Guide

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Trudel
Phenomenal Lenses

I have about a month of daily wear on my Lens & Frame Co. Single Vision, Photochromic, Anti-Fog, Trivex lenses and can attest that they are indeed the best lenses my eyes have ever gazed through. I received my glasses in December, and because of short days and rainy skies, I couldn't tell if the lenses were actually photochromic. I thought I might have ordered the wrong lenses, or maybe they made a mistake. I had to wait for a sunnier day and go outside at noon to see the transition take place. The lenses looks as clear as any normal lens, there's no problem wearing them indoors and you don't get that silly half tinted look either. My vision is incredibly sharp looking through these lenses and I don't think I will be wearing any other glasses any time soon. I did get the anti fog treatment, but I need to do a little more research with this as they supplied drops, but my glasses have fogged up a few times running in cool humid air, as well as skiing at -25C. I did not apply the drops prior to these activities, so in order to get the best anti fog protection, you likely need to apply the drops before you do an activity. For everyday use this is not an issue.

The Frames are great as well, the armless design is what attracted me to them as I do a lot of activities such as running, cycling, climbing, and bike touring. I wanted a frame that would stay on my head when I'm working on my bike instead of slipping off my face and something I could take along on bike tours that would provide protection from the sun during the day but still allow me to see at night when the sun goes down. This frame and lens combination pretty much checks those boxes for me and allows me to ditch the contacts, ditch the sunglasses and ditch the glasses as these frames and lenses do all of that for me in one package.

Overall, I am incredibly happy with my lenses and they are well the the investment.

Thanks for your detailed assessment of your new Rx Ombraz eyewear with our premium photochromic lenses. We are thrilled to know that these are the best lenses you've had! Regarding the anti-fog treatment, we have two recommendations: (1) this is a lens coating that we apply onto the lenses at the lab, and we supply an extra bottle of drops as a 'rejuvenator' in case you need to turbo-boost the anti-fog properties. In extreme environments we would recommend using a drop on each lens wipe it around the front and back of each lens just until the streaks are gone, and you should experience a significant improvement in performance in extreme environments. (2) When wearing your Ombraz armless frames, be sure to wear them with the cord slightly relaxed; do not wear them like goggles with the cord cinched tightly around your head. The Ombraz armless frames need some space between the frames and your face in order to allow some air to circulate. If you wear them cinched too tightly, worn too close to your face, then air cannot circulate inside the lenses and fogging will occur. Check this link on the Ombraz site for wearing recommendations - as they say 'it's a relaxed fit, don't wear them too tight:

Thanks for trusting us with your vision! Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments as we're happy to help in any way we can.

Elizabeth Maseuli
No arms, No problems!

I am very pleased with my purchase. The transition from inside clear to outside sunglasses has been incredible. And of course learning to not adjusting my glasses because they slip off my nose, has been really nice! Have received lots of compliments on the frames.
Thank you!

Great for work

These Rx glasses provide excellent protection for me in my construction job where I also wear ear protection. With the soft sides the ear muffs seal well