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&4 Prescription Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Matte Grey Tortoise (SP)


The &4 is a classic round frame shape inspired by classic design elements, and scaled up for a comfortable fit on larger faces.

All of our custom prescription Blue Light Blocking lenses feature blue-light blocking filters embedded in the lens material to reduce digital eye strain while staring at your screens for extended periods of time, and premium anti-reflection coatings to enhance clarity and comfort including glare reduction. And all of our custom prescription lenses come with a 1-Year Scratch Warranty which means we'll replace your lenses within one year of purchase - at no charge and with no questions asked. 

Looking for non-prescription blue light blocking glasses?  Click here for &4 Blue Light Blocking Glasses:  Matte Grey Tortoise.

Frame Measurements: 51 – 22 – 140 Learn how to measure your existing frames to compare

Comfortably Fits: Medium to Large Faces - View our Eyeglasses Fitting Guide

Our frames are made by hand with lightweight acetate laminates sourced from renewable plant-based resources or hand-polished Japanese titanium. Featuring genuine riveted barrel hinges, and premium optical lenses and treatments, Lens & Frame Co. glasses are assembled by hand in California so we can make sure that every pair is just right for you.

Lens Treatments:
Anti-Reflective Treatment

All of our lenses come with a premium Anti-Reflective treatment that is engineered to enhance the clarity of your view and reduce eye strain caused by harsh bounce-back reflections. 

Anti-Blue Light Treatment

Anti-blue light lenses reduce digital eye strain caused by blue light emissions and glare from digital screens.   


Clear lenses indoors, dark sunglass lenses outdoors – photochromic lenses actively transition from clear to dark when you move from inside to outside, and back to clear when you move inside again. 


Protect against harmful UV light and relax your eyes in the bright sun.

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sun lenses offer the highest level of comfort and clarity by blocking the sun's harsh glare so your eyes relax and see all of the vivid colors and details.

Lens Materials:

CR-39 delivers crystal clear optics in a very lightweight and durable lens that is highly scratch resistant.  Great for power correction between +2.00 to -2.00 (Sphere).


In addition to being impact-resistant for active lifestyles, Trivex lenses are also thinner and lighter than CR-39 prescription lenses.  Optimum for power correction between +4.00 to -4.00 (Sphere). 

High Index

High Index lenses are the thinnest and lightest, highly recommended for strong prescriptions with power correction beyond +/-4.00 (Sphere).

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Review of Lens and Frame

Excellent service. I love the frames and glasses. Delivery was quick and as promised. I would definitely do business with Lens & Frame CO again. I highly recommend them.

Fab Company, great product, I am hooked

Y’all do fine work! It has been a great experience working with you and I really like my new glasses.
I am having trouble seeing the details of things that are within arms reach, so perhaps I need a different prescription. I honestly don’t know if it’s a prescription change or if the lenses aren’t quite right. The only thing I know is up close it’s hard to distinguish details. So I take the glasses off and replace them with readers.

I love the look of the glasses and seeing things out past my reach with greater clarity. The lens frames feel a bit loose, but perhaps that is how it is supposed to be. These are my first pair of glasses so I don’t have any past experiences to use as a guide.

I wore my new glasses every day for the first week. I wore them all day and just adjusted how close I was to things so I could see them clearly. I have found myself going back to my contacts from that same prescription most days now.

I plan to start the new year with a visit to the Optimetrist to check on my prescription because maybe it needs to change.

Happy New Years, Todd

Thanks for your feedback, Todd. I have good news: you're having trouble seeing details up close because you ordered Rx Single Vision lenses so we made your eyeglasses with 'single vision' lenses for your distance vision correction only. It's not your eyes giving you trouble :)

The fix is easy: we'll email you a pre-paid return shipping label so you can send us back the Rx Single Vision glasses and we can re-make them as Rx Progressive lenses. Progressive lenses are a hybrid lens solution that features clear Distance vision on the top of the lenses then progressively adds magnification to help you see clearly up close for reading vision near the bottom of the lens. I think this is what you wanted... so sorry for the confusion and any inconvenience this may have caused.

Check your email for next steps so we can make you exactly what you need and what you want!

Love the Glasses!

Everything turned out great!