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&1 Reading Glasses: Matte Black


The &1™ premium reading glasses are a modern classic. Defined by its clean lines and understated design elements, the &1 frame style is sized to fit nearly every face shape.

Choose between Single Vision reading lenses to focus comfortably on your near-vision tasks or Progressive reading lenses (also known as "no-line bifocals) that feature magnification at the bottom of the lens to focus on your near-vision tasks plus the benefit of no power on the top of the lens so you can see clearly in the distance without having to remove your frames or peer over the top of the frames.

If you spend long periods of time reading from your screens, consider the added protection of Anti-Blue Light lenses.  Our anti-blue light lenses are clear so they don't distort your color spectrum, and the blue light filters are embedded in the material so your protection won't rub off over time.

Frame Measurements: 50 – 20 – 147 Learn how to measure your existing frames to compare

Comfortably Fits: Medium to Large Faces - View our Eyeglasses Fitting Guide

Our frames are made by hand with lightweight acetate laminates sourced from renewable plant-based resources or hand-polished Japanese titanium. Featuring genuine riveted barrel hinges, and premium optical lenses and treatments, Lens & Frame Co. glasses are assembled by hand in California so we can make sure that every pair is just right for you.

Anti-Reflective Treatment

All of our lenses come with a premium Anti-Reflective treatment that is engineered to enhance the clarity of your view and reduce eye strain caused by harsh bounce-back reflections.

Anti-Blue Light Treatment

Anti-blue light lenses reduce digital eye strain caused by blue light emissions and glare from digital screens.

Customer Reviews

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Extraordinary Quality

Finally! Finally, someone made stylish, beautifully crafted, high quality readers! I'm in my late 40's and had been in denial for years that readers would help, all the while pushing menus further and further away hoping to see them. I started with some cheap readers and I was truly surprised how much they helped. However, I was always a little embarrassed at how awful they looked (queue the Geico ads about becoming your parents)... and my wife seemed to comment on how dorky they were every time I reached for them.

Then I found Lens & Frame Co. They seem to do everything the right way. The high-quality customer experience begins with the ease of ordering and continues with the look and feel of the packaging upon arrival. Inside the box: a slim grey flannel protective case, a navy microfiber pouch and a stunning pair or lightweight, yet stout pair of readers. The difference in quality was immediately apparent. They fit just as described and the view clarity was incredible. To top it all off, there was a handwritten note thanking me for my business and asking me to let them know if anything wasn’t quite right so they could make it so.

These glasses certainly cost more than my cheap pairs, and admittedly I was reluctant to pay up for readers, but these are worth every penny. Lens & Frame is the Audi or Apple of eyewear. Stylish, functional and well made. If you’re frustrated with cheap readers from the pharmacy, give these a try. I think you will be blown away. I am.


The glasses are amazing !

awesome glasses!

After too many times struggling to read the menu, the bill and anything else with small print, I recently gave in to the idea that I needed to purchase some readers. I didn't need a prescription - just some basic magnification. After looking at what you can buy off the rack at various drug stores and through other generic glasses companies, I concluded that none of them had the style or quality I was looking for. Enter Lens & Frame. Cool, stylish, high quality product - everything you could want in a pair of glasses, along with a great customer experience. The glasses are truly awesome - I now get compliments every time I break out my readers. And I can now read everything again. 5 stars + a super strong recommendation.

Crazy amazing

I have used a lot of different readers and got to try a part of these glasses on at dinner party. A friend of mine owned them and I was floored at the clearity!! I just had moved up in my glass strength six month ago, and my friends lensandframe were a lower strength. But let me tell you they were amazing I knew immediately I needed them!!!! You should not have any other companies expect for lensandframe!!! Seriously i’m hear ordering more!!!! And I don’t write review ever. But you will be really happy you did it, now go get your glasses!!!!! Amie

New readers

Have had many compliments on my new look with these glasses. People think I look smarter!