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STATE Optical Union Reading Glasses

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With a distinct straight edge across the top of the classically round lens shape, Union Reading Glasses feature distinctively handmade frames in Chicago by STATE Optical and comfortably fits medium-sized faces.  

All of our reading glasses come with premium anti-reflection coatings to enhance your comfort and clarity.  Anti-Blue Light lenses are great to protect your eyes from digital eyestrain, especially when reading on your devices before you go to sleep.   

You don't need a doctor's prescription to order L&F premium reading glasses:  simply select the magnification power you need to see up close and to read clearly. 

Frame Measurements: 50 — 19 — 145  Learn how to measure your existing frames to compare

Maximum Frame Width: 140mm 

Vertical Lens Height: 44mm 

Comfortably Fits: Medium faces - View our Eyeglasses Fitting Guide

Made from eco-friendly, sustainable cellulose acetate, the STATE Optical Union frames are lightweight and feature highly adjustable temple tips to make it easy to bend over your ears to either tighten or loosen the frame fit as needed.

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David Goldstein

Incredible quality and style. Something unique. Best pair of glasses have had