The &1

The &1™ is a modern classic. Defined by its clean lines and understated design elements and sized to fit nearly every face shape.

The &2

Inspired by the flowing curves of vintage rounded square frame designs, the &2™ is sized for a smaller fit.

The &3

The &3™ frame design makes its statement with strong angles, and the longer endpieces produce a more relaxed fit for larger face shapes.

The &4

The &4™ is a classic round frame shape inspired by classic design elements, and scaled up for a comfortable fit on larger faces.

The &5

With thinner proportions and sized for smaller faces, the subtle feminine cat-eye silhouette is the hallmark of the &5™ frame design.

The &6

Featuring feather-light, hand-polished filigreed titanium temples handcrafted in Japan, the &6™ is a timeless semi-rimless style with a classic lens shape designed to complement nearly any face shape.

Raen Beal 48

Every pair of Raen handmade sunglasses makes a statement and the Beal’s round eye shape and thin rim height make this frame the perfect blend of fashion and function.  The unique temple design has a flared beveled top, tapering thin toward the temple tip, making fitting a breeze while also adding that subtle design detail that really make these frames stand out.

Raen Del

Del offers gentle curves and clean angles to give women a bold yet elegant look and a chic sophistication for any occasion. With premium hardware and asymmetrical temples, this dynamic frame is a surefire standout.
Raen Del Reading Glasses: Dawn


Raen Del Reading Glasses: Oxblood


Raen Del Reading Glasses: Kola Tortoise

Kola Tortoise

Raen Doheny 53

The Raen Doheny 53's unisex silhouette instills a traditional rectangular design with a medium, no nonsense fit.  It features a classic keyhole nose bridge to fit a variety of faces, custom rivet-hinge hardware, and an ultra-lightweight design that supports all day wear.

Raen Eagan

Raen's handmade Eagan sunglasses feature a medium rectangular frame that is perfect for a wide range of face shapes. The Raen Eagan is that happy middle ground where things seemingly just fall into place.  With a handmade, sculpted temple design and rivet hardware detail, the Eagan will quickly become your go-to pair of Rx sunglasses.

Raen Nolan

Featuring a medium rectangular fit, Raen Nolan frames are geared to suit a wide audience.  Implementing a keyhole design and minimalistic acetate usage helps create an effortlessly classic look.

Raen Prairie

Prairie’s oversize fit, elegant silhouette and lightweight design make it versatile for a wide range of face shapes. Finished off with traditional rivet pins on the temples, Prairie gives women a clean, sleek, and timeless look.
Raen Prairie Reading Glasses: Lotus


Raen Prairie Reading Glasses: Dawn


Raen Prairie Reading Glasses: Birch


Raen Saint Malo

Raen Saint Malo frames feature a slightly horned temple, keyhole bridge, and a rounded silhouette. With Raen's classic style and handmade quality, the Saint Malo ensures a relaxed fit and laid back demeanor.

Raen Soph

This medium rectangular frame is perfect for a wide range of face shapes, the Eagan is that happy middle ground where things seemingly just fall into place.  With a sculpted temple design and rivet hardware detail, the Eagan is an easy go-to.
Raen Soph Reading Glasses: Sierra Brown

Sierra Brown

Raen Soph Reading Glasses: Hazy Lilac

Hazy Lilac