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Replacement Prescription Lenses for Ombraz Sunglasses (Rx)


We are proud to partner with the fine gents at Ombraz to offer you top quality prescription lenses that match your lifestyle.  Your favorite Ombraz armless frames powered by Lens & Frame Co. Rx lenses that are surfaced, coated, edged and glazed in our lab in Southern California. Finished by hand to ensure that your Ombraz presription eyewear will be done right.  

Select either Single Vision or Progressive Rx lenses (also known as "no-line bifocals" that provide distance vision correction on the top of the lens and blend into your reading magnification on the bottom of the lens). Then choose from our selection of clear lenses, sun lenses, or photochromic lenses (also known as "light-changing" that are clear indoors and darken outdoors). Follow the prompts at checkout to upload a copy of your current Rx script and measure your pupillary distance.  We'll send you a pre-paid shipping label and carton so you can get your frames to our lab hassle-free and at no charge. 

All of our custom prescription lenses include a premium Anti-Reflection coating to enhance visual clarity and comfort.  And all of our custom prescription lenses come with a 1-Year Scratch Warranty which means we'll replace your lenses within one year of purchase if they become scratched or if your coatings rub off - at no charge and with no questions asked. 

Looking for non-prescription replacement lenses for your Ombraz sunglasses?  Click here for  replacement non-prescription lenses for your Ombraz frames.  

Lens Treatments:
Anti-Reflective Treatment

All of our lenses come with a premium Anti-Reflective treatment that is engineered to enhance the clarity of your view and reduce eye strain caused by harsh bounce-back reflections. 

Anti-Blue Light Treatment

Anti-blue light lenses reduce digital eye strain caused by blue light emissions and glare from digital screens.   


Clear lenses indoors, dark sunglass lenses outdoors – photochromic lenses actively transition from clear to dark when you move from inside to outside, and back to clear when you move inside again. 


Protect against harmful UV light and relax your eyes in the bright sun.

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sun lenses offer the highest level of comfort and clarity by blocking the sun's harsh glare so your eyes relax and see all of the vivid colors and details.

Lens Materials:

CR-39 delivers crystal clear optics in a very lightweight and durable lens that is highly scratch resistant.  Great for power correction between +2.00 to -2.00 (Sphere).


In addition to being impact-resistant for active lifestyles, Trivex lenses are also thinner and lighter than CR-39 prescription lenses.  Optimum for power correction between +4.00 to -4.00 (Sphere). 

High Index

High Index lenses are the thinnest and lightest, highly recommended for strong prescriptions with power correction beyond +/-4.00 (Sphere).

Customer Reviews

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Highly recommend this service

From start to finish, this company made it super easy to send in my shades, and get prescription sunglasses. The lenses are very nice and height quality. Will buy from them again fo sho.