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Ombraz Leggero Regular Progressive Polarized Sunglasses

Lens Tint
Anti-Fog Coating (+ $50)

Enjoy the Ombraz Leggero armless sunglasses with premium prescription lenses by L&F.

The Leggero Regular Fit frames are sized to comfortably fit medium size faces.  With an easy to wear adjustable cord instead of traditional side-arms, these Ombraz armless sunglasses are super lightweight and extremely comfortable.  No side-arms means no pressure points.  And they pack flat so they go anywhere without the risk of broken hinges. 

All of our progressive Rx sunglasses come standard with thin and light, impact-resistant lenses and our premium anti-reflection coating to enhance visual clarity and comfort so you can see clearly in the distance and be able to read up close, too. And our 1-Year Scratch Warranty means we'll replace your scratched Rx lenses within one year of purchase — at no charge and with no questions asked.

REGULAR FIT Frame Measurements: 58 — 15  Learn how to measure your existing frames to compare

Maximum Frame Width: 135mm 

Vertical Lens Height: 47mm 

Comfortably Fits: Medium Faces — View our Eyeglasses Fitting Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Arturo Magana
Exactly what i was looking for in Rx Mtb Glasses

These literally dont move. Contrast is amazing. And the design in amazing, no stress points like other glasses.

autism sensory shields

I would say they are more like 4.5 stars. Nearly perfect, but I just personally would give them 5 stars if the finish of the frames was glossy rather than matte.

They are super comfortable, and it's amazing how stable they are on my face. I wear them at work where I have to move around a lot and look down a lot and didn't want to have to worry about them falling off, especially with masks making it more complicated.

I got mine with a custom FL-41 tint on the lenses which really helps a lot with light sensitivity (sensitive to bright lighting) and with this tint I can wear them indoors.

Alexander Gottschlich

Ombraz Leggero Prescription Sunglasses: Ember

Michael Riley
Good service, good glasses

Lens & Frames was excellent in keeping me informed on the status of my order. I use the Ombraz glasses for mountain biking in the Pacific NW. There is a little fogging on long climbs, but pretty much the same as other glasses. I loosen the back strap to let the glasses ride a little away from my face, which helps considerably.

Chris Lata
Fantastic fit and high quality lenses

Very happy with my new sunglasses (legerro). The optics are superb and frames lightweight.

Will likely buy another pair!