Ombraz Classic

The Ombraz Classic features a built-in cord that keeps your frames securely and comfortably in place no matter what you're up to. Available in regular and narrow fit sizes.

Ombraz Dolomite

Ombraz Dolomite is the latest style from the Ombraz crew with frame sizes narrow and larger faces. Now available with prescription lenses by L&F, all Ombraz Armless Sunglasses feature a built-in cord that keeps your frames securely and comfortably in place. 

Ombraz Leggero

Leggero is the latest style in Ombraz' line of armless sunglasses. With an XL option for a larger fit, their built-in cord to keep 'em nice and tight, and custom prescription lenses by L&F, the Ombraz Leggero will have you looking good and seeing clearly in pretty darn near every situation you might find yourself in.

Raen Friar

The Friar sports a staple rectangular, masculine style in Raen's line of classic, handmade frames. Incorporating beveled detailing throughout, while maintaining a light presence, Friar makes for an easy all day wear.

Raen Gilman

Like a pair of perfectly broken in jeans, these are Rx shades you can count on.  The handmade Raen Gilman is a safe haven for your face, the ones so-and-so would steal if they could see through your custom prescription lenses.  A traditional fit for men and perfectly oversized on women, these lightweight chunky sunglasses will take you from brunch to business without missing a beat and, always, seeing clearly.

Raen Norie

These slight cat-eye sunglasses from Raen have quickly become every girl's first essential on the packing list. The Norie gives off a certain something that channels your inner lady. The handmade frames are slightly oversized yet super lightweight and will quickly become the essential answer to everything.

Raen Pierce

Raen's Pierce is a deep, square, masculine frame for consistent everyday wearability.  Offering a taller lens, wider frame and hardware to complement some of our existing essentials.

Raen Remmy 52

The Remmy is Raen's calling card and they will never let you down. Raen took a note from what they know works, inspired by retro round sunglasses that captured their eye, the Remmy carries the look with a modern flare.

Raen Sage

Sage is a full-bodied frame that captures the core fundamentals of Raen's classic styles handmade for today. Our custom prescription lens sits deeper within the frame with a heavy bevel around a clean front shape that makes for a classic, sturdy look and feel.  Featuring a lightly tear dropped lens shape, Raen Sage suits a wide range of face shapes.

Raen Wiley

A lightweight, masculine silhouette for the modern adventurer, the Raen Wiley frame utilizes square shapes and harder lines while maintaining the proportions and design cues of their best-selling Remmy frame style.  Their strong silhouette is cut for adventure, and made for seeing the sunrise on new horizons.