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&6 Progressive Eyeglasses

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Featuring feather-light, hand-polished filigreed titanium temples handcrafted in Japan, the &6 is a timeless semi-rimless frame that pairs beautifully with our favorite clear lens package for multi-focal Rx Progressive eyeglasses with blue light & UV protection, and premium anti-reflection coatings. 

All of our custom prescription Progressive lenses are digitally surfaced to help you to see clearly into the distance and to focus up close for the most comfortable and clear view possible, and they come with our 1-year scratch warranty.  

Frame Measurements: 47 — 21 — 143 Learn how to measure your existing frames to compare

Maximum Frame Width: 135mm 

Vertical Lens Height: 40mm 

Comfortably Fits: Medium to Large Faces - View our Eyeglasses Fitting Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Excellent products, excellent service as always

Thank you Darren and team for keeping me seeing clearly and providing such excellent service, communication, and being so damn nice! Love doing business with you all!!

That's just how we roll :)
Thanks for coming back for more premium prescription eyewear and giving us the opportunity to get your glasses done right!

Ben Baldanza
Sturdiest, trendiest, and best quality glass!

Lens & Frame is the best!

McLean Donnelly
Light Weight

I love how light-weight they are - perfect for the office or at home.

Guy Marsala
Love Lens & Frame Co!

Great products and outstanding customer service! Darren sets the "tone at the top" with a personal, hand-written message in my order (delivered 1 day after placing my order)!

Thanks for your positive feedback, Guy. We believe that 'personalized service' and 'higher quality' only matters if we can deliver on the promise. We believe we've got to 'walk the walk' not just 'talk the talk'. Thanks for trusting us with your vision :)

William Henderson
Super Comfy - but didn't last 7 months. Weak spot is the cutout area on nose bridge

Weak spot is the cutout area on nose bridge where it does a Y and splits open, bends back toward the face, then sharp bends back to the frame... the 2 thin pieces on either side of nose bridge holding to the lenses frames are just too thin and as such is a natural flex point (weakest point - so flexes there more than anywhere). I found myself needing to be very very careful with these to not adjust fit too often. Problem happened about 4 months of wear those areas just got too weak and noticed stress cracks. One (lower of the split left side) cracked in half eventually at 4.5 months. I wore it till today - 7 months in and the top arm finally fractured too. I'm not rough on glasses - use cases and put them in my dress shirt pockets - but after 7 months the sharp bend area just is not strong enough and it split in two. Dang shame as I really love how light-weight these are. Now - I cannot complaint too much as these were a promo from work I got for FREE but would have loved it more had it lasted at least a year... I think a slight bit or reinforcement to that cut out bend area on the arch would be the difference of good to GREAT pair of glasses. 5 stars for package and unboxing experience; 5 stars for Comfort; 5 stars for Style; 1 star for durability and longevity. Also - there was a small nick on the bottom right lens that kinda annoyed me but no one noticed but me... On the positive side - Lens & Frame Co. customer service team responded within minutes of my email complaint and offered to repair or replace the frames and do a "refresh" on my lens coating if there are any scratches or otherwise. So solid 5+ for response and customer service. Great company that stands behind their products are hard to find. I will definitely order more from this company and have recommended them to friends and family.

Thanks for your candid and detailed comment, William. As you know from our email correspondence, we're happy to repair / replace your &6 titanium frames (and refresh your lenses under our standard 1-Year Scratch Warranty). Our mission at L&F is to deliver a higher quality product with personalized service. We look forward to turning around your repair/replacement quickly so you can get back to seeing well and looking good in your Japanese handcrafted &6 frames as soon as possible.