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&1 Prescription Glasses: Matte Striped Tortoise


Ordering Rx eyewear online is as easy as 1, 2, See!

The &1™ is a modern classic. Defined by its clean lines and understated design elements, the &1 complements all face shapes and is sized to comfortably fit medium to large face sizes.

All of our custom prescription lenses include a premium Anti-Reflection coating to enhance visual clarity and comfort.  And all of our custom prescription lenses come with a 1-Year Scratch Warranty which means we'll replace your lenses within one year of purchase - at no charge and with no questions asked - if they become scratched or if your coatings rub off. 

Frame Measurements: 50 – 20 – 147 Learn how to measure your existing frames to compare

Comfortably Fits: Medium to Large Faces - View our Eyeglasses Fitting Guide

Our frames are made by hand with lightweight acetate laminates sourced from renewable plant-based resources or hand-polished Japanese titanium. Featuring genuine riveted barrel hinges, and premium optical lenses and treatments, Lens & Frame Co. glasses are assembled by hand in California so we can make sure that every pair is just right for you.

Lens Treatments:
Anti-Reflective Treatment

All of our lenses come with a premium Anti-Reflective treatment that is engineered to enhance the clarity of your view and reduce eye strain caused by harsh bounce-back reflections. 

Anti-Blue Light Treatment

Anti-blue light lenses reduce digital eye strain caused by blue light emissions and glare from digital screens.   


Clear lenses indoors, dark sunglass lenses outdoors – photochromic lenses actively transition from clear to dark when you move from inside to outside, and back to clear when you move inside again. 


Protect against harmful UV light and relax your eyes in the bright sun.

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sun lenses offer the highest level of comfort and clarity by blocking the sun's harsh glare so your eyes relax and see all of the vivid colors and details.

Lens Materials:

CR-39 delivers crystal clear optics in a very lightweight and durable lens that is highly scratch resistant.  Great for power correction between +2.00 to -2.00 (Sphere).


In addition to being impact-resistant for active lifestyles, Trivex lenses are also thinner and lighter than CR-39 prescription lenses.  Optimum for power correction between +4.00 to -4.00 (Sphere). 

High Index

High Index lenses are the thinnest and lightest, highly recommended for strong prescriptions with power correction beyond +/-4.00 (Sphere).

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love the matte finish!

This was my first time using Lens & Frame Co. and I was not disappointed! I wear progressive lenses and the initial pair did not properly align with my eyes. I sent the frames back after working with their brilliant customer service team. I got the glasses back in about 10 days, and they have been a perfect fit ever since. The matte frame is absolutely beautiful. No reflection when taking photos, no shine, and very attractive. I'll definitely buy from them again.

Style and clarity

One of the most exciting things is to get something in the mail that just makes your day. Finding.choosing and ordering my glasses was so incredibly easy. Everything is so well thought through from how easy it is to place your order and upload your prescription to the thought given to the packaging and accessories with you order. Not only do I feel stylish in my lightweight glasses, but they’re easy to clean and have seamless Progressive lenses. It was also very easy to adjust the frame so they don’t slip off my face. Incredibly happy! Absolutely recommend getting glasses through Lens and frame.

Love the &1 much more than my Warby Parker’s!

I stumbled on Lens & Frame in a Wall Street Journal that highlighted the company as a competitor to Warby Parker. Ironically, I’ve been wearing Warby’s for years. I was initially a big fan, but for whatever reason- they kept getting crooked, and became more mainstream as I noticed so many people had them.. they weren’t so unique anymore. I was looking for a higher end version of Warby Parker’s, that I could try on in advance. Low and behold, Lens & Frame proved to be just that. They sent me 5 glasses to try on, and I fell in love with the &1’s. I ordered them, and we’re sent fairly quick, and in perfect condition. What’s amazed me most are all the comments I get. Lots of compliments saying they look sophisticated, love the matte finish, color.. and some people even say I look smart! I’m a big fan, and would highly recommend.

Totally Stoked!!!

L&F consulted with me about both sunglasses for sport & transitions/progressives. I bought 1 of each! Sunlasses are distance w/ a small strip transition to reading on the bottom. Perfect for golf & driving. Everyday glasses progess dist/computer/reading and get very dark in the sun and decent darkness driving. I did not realize how much I could save compared to eye doc, Lensable, LensCrafters, etc. THANK YOU Lens & Frame! Also, love the sleeve & bag for glasses and thick lens cleaning cloths! Stoked!!!!!