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New Anti-Fog coatings for glasses and sunglasses will keep your lenses clear

If you're like us and are constantly in fear of fogging up (FOFU), Lens & Frame Co. is excited to offer a new Anti-Fog lens coating that is formulated to create a protective barrier bonded directly to your lenses that inhibits fog from forming. Lens fogging is a result of tiny water droplets forming on the surface of your lenses which can obscure your vision and make it hard to see clearly. 

Snow sports enthusiasts have known about this problem for decades.  And the rest of us are now becoming familiar with this nagging inconvenience when you wear a face mask with eyeglasses or sunglasses.  Oftentimes homemade anti-fog mixtures consisting of rubbing alcohol, water and a couple drops of mild dishwashing soap can be enough to keep your lenses fog-free.  But sometimes we need something a little more effective and sometimes we want something that can last longer.

At the heart of L&F's anti-fog lens coating is a chemical formulation that is bonded directly to your lenses at the lab and engineered to prevent tiny water droplets from adhering to your lenses, and therefore helps keep your lenses from fogging up.  The lens coating is bonded directly to your lenses and can be re-activated with a rejuvenator solution.  And our no-fog coating is engineered to bond with our entire menu of custom prescription lens materials and lens treatments.  This means that you can enjoy the anti-fog protection along with the clarity and comfort of our premium anti-reflective coatings and mirror treatments, our light-changing photochromic lenses or our anti-blue light lenses, clear lenses or sun lenses - including polarization.

Have a question about our anti-fog coating?  Click this link to send us a question. We're quick to respond and we're happy to help in any way we can.

Every pair of custom prescription eyeglasses - including computer progressive glasses - and Rx sunglasses ordered with our anti-fog lens treatment comes with a small bottle of anti-fog rejuvenator solution.  Anytime you need to boost the anti-fog properties, use a drop of the rejuvenator anti-fog solution on each lens and buff dry with a clean micro-fiber cleaning cloth until the lenses are streak-free.